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Chillax Asia 2018 will focus on driving entrepreneurship by offering three available schemes that cater to all visitors – Young Entrepreneur & Startup Scheme, SME Expansion Scheme and Global Partnership Scheme.

The Young Entrepreneur & Startup Scheme (YES) is catered for new entrepreneurs who are keen to gain direct access to the market leader for insight, networking and franchise opportunities. As for the existing small andmedium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the SME Expansion Scheme (SES) welcomes all SMEs tocollaborate with Singapore/overseas based international organisations. Not forgetting the
large local corporations in Singapore, this exhibition provides a platform that allows them to partner with Multinational Corporations (MNCs) through the Global Partnership Scheme (GPS).

Over 160 booths across four chillax days, visitors will get to participate and enjoy the best combination of international finger-licking bites, regional coffee fragrance, M18 alcohol garden, sweet tooth fantasy and ever craving bakery, and confectionery food at Chillax Asia 2018.

In addition, a pot of buzzling activities such as live singing, real life industry hands-on as bakers, baristas interactive activities is available for children and adults in Singapore to participate and enjoy. We have specially arranged three comfy zones to suit everyone’s preference, such as 1970s-themed floor mats, 1980s-themed cinema long benches and Millennium bouncy sandbags situated right in front of the stage. Furthermore, there will be international championships held during the exhibition. Therefore, sit back, relax and enjoy the live performances in your comfortable seats.

Admission is complimentary for all. Thus, invite your buddies, relatives, and everyone in your friend list to join us at Chillax Asia 2018!

Dive into the pot of buzzling activities including live singing, real life industry role-play as bakers, baristas interactive activities for kids to adults in Singapore. Chillax Asia offers endless stage entertainment with 3 chillax comfy zone 70s floormat, 80s cinema backbenches to millennium bouncy sandbag right infront of the stage.

Lastly a couple of International championships on world stage.

Every chillax partner can learn, work and play in this very first bonding across F&B and entertainment in Chillax Asia 2018! Furthermore, admission is complimentary for all, so drag your buddies, relatives and everyone in your friendlist to Chillax Asia 2018!

Event objective:

  • Injecting life into the F&B industry
  • Educate visitors via industry fun facts.
  • Grooming entrepreneurship with fundamental support.
  • Connecting international industry knowledge in one platform.
  • Create vibrancy within F&B & entertainment industries.
  • Generating Entrepreneurship within Asia.

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